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You may visit the following websites for further information

The association Journées de la schizophrénie organizes, since 2004, various operations to sensitize the general public, and especially young people, against the stigmatization of patients with schizophrenia.
This website presents the scales used in cognitive remediation and also programs, metacognitive skills trainings, useful links, tools for psychotic symptoms therapy and decision scales for monitoring and assessments grids.
Socrate-Réhabilitation led the development of the Réseau Francophone des Programmes de Réhabilitation Psychiatrique (French-Speaking Network for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs), built in 1991 by Olivier CHAMBON, Guy DELEU and Jérôme FAVROD.
  Socrate-Réhabilitation promotes psychosocial rehabilitation and spreads therapeutic tools which have been proven to be effective or innovating concepts which may open new perspectives to the patients and their relatives.

Therapeutic tools need to be defined in books, manuals or other educational media so different teams can learn the techniques and reliably use them.