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The SUR, rebranded CL3R in 2013 by ARS Rhône-Alpes (see admission form) is a center unique in France, offering psychosocial rehabilitation tools to the Rhône-Alpes population (Ain, West of Isère and Rhône).



The CL3R receive patients with stabilized psychic disorders. These patients can be referred by public or private psychiatric hospitals or medico-social sector.



The objective is to improve the patient’s social and professional reinsertion using their preserved resources. The center designs comprehensive patient therapies, for the sake of the patient.

The CL3R specificity is to highlight various levels of understanding the disease (symptoms, neurocognition, social cognition, metacognition, psychic functioning, motivation, insight, disease awareness, autonomy in every day life and subjective factors) in the life trajectory assessment for patients with psychic disabilities. These assessments can be performed as part of an expert activity (useful for partners) or before starting a rehabilitation therapy with the center.

The center uses a positive and constructive approach. It opposes a static and fatalist idea of psychotic disorders which can’t open to rehabilitation. The objective is to identify the skills the patient still has and help him acknowledge them so he can build an adapted life project.

The disease consequences (social and professional deinsertion, low self-esteem, low treatment observance…) and associated cognitive impairments (impairments in memory, attention, executive functioning and social cognition) are difficulties which can be overcome using specific therapeutic tools to identify the patient’s skills and help him build a life, social and professional project.

Therapy’s progress


The medical team designs a customized therapy, depending on the patient skills (preserved skills) and the objectives they set to themselves. They perform together a comprehensive assessment to identify the patient’s skills and build a realistic project (employment, housing project…). Patients whose assessment supports their professional reinsertion, are trained if necessary during technical workshops held by the center.



The CL3R consists of medical and socio-educative professionals. Various professions are involved, encouraging a fertile environment, for the patients benefit.



You may download the CL3R booklet by clicking here
             You may download the patient leaflet by clicking here



The CL3R is a two-pole outpatient center.  The first pole is located in Rue Sarrazin, 69008 Lyon (see Map) and the second pole is located inside Le Vinatier hospital (see Map), at 95 Boulevard Pinel, 69500 Bron.

You may contact the CL3R from Monday to Friday, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm at +33 (0) 4 26 73 85 33.